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Indiana Jones Senior Holy Grail Journal …  “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade”

Does anyone else get a little tingle whenever they pull out the grail diary in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade? I know I do…


Indiana Jones Senior Holy Grail Journal …
“Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade”

Does anyone else get a little tingle whenever they pull out the grail diary in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade? I know I do…

tinytreecko asked
hi! i was looking at notebooks to get as like a personal journal type thing and i wanted to ask your opinion? i can't decide between the moleskine classic, ecosystem author, or compendium inc's everyday journal! do you have any suggestions with this?

Hmmm, well all three of them are pretty similar. The Moleskine is the one I have the most experience with and in terms of quality, I recommend it completely. But it also has a bit of a price tag and the others are more reasonably priced.

The Ecosystem is built like Moleskine. It’s perfectly satisfactory—though I don’t think it quite matches the quality of the latter—and its manifesto is a little more eco-friendly, so that’s a plus.

And I actually have no experience with Compendium Inc’s Everyday Journal, only the Write Now series. I do like Compendium Inc a LOT, and I can’t make a fair decision without holding the notebook, but the fact that they have little quotes on each page is a point in their favor. Based purely on how the pictures look, I would be a little concerned about the binding/spine — can they lay flat comfortable or do you have to wrestle with them? But also they have blank rather than lined pages, so it depends what you prefer.

I would ask yourself: do you want quotes on the pages? are you concerned about a large price tag? do you want lined or unlined pages? and how important is it to buy something eco-friendly?

Anonymous asked
goshhh i love your blog its really beautiful.

Thank you!! <3

Anonymous asked
hi! so on the 23rd im leaving for my europe trip w/ my family to france, spain, italy, and switzerland. im planning on carrying a journal with me to record my experiences while in those countries and the trip itself in general. problem is, i dont know what to write! can you give me ideas on what to write as in like did visiting this place make you happy, what were the people like; anything similar to those! sorry this isnt specific enough/good grammar

Ahhh, sorry I didn’t get around to answering this question sooner…lots of time-sensitive ones have been sitting in my inbox. Whoops.

Anyway, yes! Travel journals! I love traveling. I love journaling about traveling.


  • where did you go? what did you see?
  • what did you eat? did you fall in love with the food? the desserts?
  • what was the best meal you had there?
  • most beautiful sights?
  • most unique experiences?
  • cultural differences that have surprised you?
  • nice people you met
  • where did you stay/sleep?
  • what is it like during the daytime? what about nightlife?
  • sketch a little reference map
  • glue in receipts, ticket stubs, etc
  • historical context for some of the old buildings/sights — what did you learn about them? did you go on any tours?
  • what did the people around you wear?
  • what fun activities did you participate in?
  • best/coolest thing you did there
  • did you ever get mistaken for a local instead of a tourist?
  • bits of the language that you may have learned during your travels

More creative ideas:

  • Take your journal and explore. Intend to get lost. Take random turns, wander the side streets, find a place that looks interesting: a cafe, a museum, an old church, a park. Sit with your journal and record your observations.
  • Sit somewhere and people-watch. Write down the interesting things they do that you don’t see in your home country.
  • Find a memento at each place to collect and paste in your journal — something flat and easy to find in different cities, like a leaf or a flower, a metro/subway ticket, a map, a page from a guidebook, etc. Try to get a whole set.
  • If you could come back to this place again, would you? Would you come by yourself? With a friend? Family? A lover? What would you do if you had the freedom to explore it completely?
  • Pick a random person and invent a life story for them. Write it down.
  • If there’s one thing you really love to eat/drink that you can find in most places (coffee, desserts/pastries, bread, pizza), try tasting some at every city where you stop. Rate each one and record your responses about it.
tothelooking-glassworld asked
Hey :) do you accept submissions?

Sorta! If you tag #writingnotebooks in your post, I’ll see it and may reblog. :)

Anonymous asked
how many notebook is it acceptable to keep at once? haha

As many as you have room for. :)


Am I on the #pilgrimage now? #SaigokuKannonPilgrimage #moleskine #sketch #nanendo #kōfukuji #nara #travelsouvenir #goshuin #seal #stamp


Am I on the #pilgrimage now? #SaigokuKannonPilgrimage #moleskine #sketch #nanendo #kōfukuji #nara #travelsouvenir #goshuin #seal #stamp

Anonymous asked
I have so many BEAUTIFUL notebooks/journals. My mom even got me an incredibly fancy Harry Potter one for my birthday one year. But I never write in them because I feel like my handwriting is too... not ugly, per se, but it's not pretty enough to use in these wonderful journals and notebooks. Do you have any advice?

The way I see it, you have a few options.

1. Try to change your handwriting.

Look up pictures or tutorials online and try to imitate other people’s handwriting. Take a calligraphy or a lettering/design class. Slowly turn your handwriting into something else. This is entirely possible to do and heck, might make you genuinely happy. Think of stylistic embellishments that you can add to your own handwriting. Practice in idle moments, when you’re sitting in class or talking on the phone. Do a google image search for “calligraphy” and study the different scripts. Practice a variety of styles until you find one you really like.

2. Embrace your handwriting.

Recognize that it is distinctly yours, inimitable and unique. Realize that your handwriting is an extension of yourself — so it will have its good days and bad days, days when it hurts you to look at it and others when you will feel proud. Understand that a journal may be beautiful, but it is just a bunch of pieces of paper all bound together. Don’t value it to the exception of your own self-worth. You ARE worthy of that notebook. Your handwriting does NOT have to be perfect. Part of the beauty of journaling is its flaws. We wouldn’t write if it was all good days, all perfection, all the time. My journals are filled with pages where everything flows wonderfully, where every word “spits fire and burns” (thanks Neil Gaiman for that phrase), where my life seems idyllic and beautiful. But there are pages where I have repeated phrases over and over like an errant child at a chalkboard. There are pages where I scribbled things in fury. There are pages with tear stains. There are pages with ugly, ugly handwriting. And pages with beautiful handwriting. When you look at a single day or a single page to the exception of all the others, you might feel dumb, ashamed, sheepish, embarrassed. But bundled together, all those pages have a distinct personality and it’s those things added together that make it wonderful. And that shines through your handwriting.

So don’t worry so much about it. :)